• Jun 21, 2016
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Now I Can Have My 'Tini And Spill It Too

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by Julie Edelman The Accidental Housewife

As The Accidental Housewife, I’m always on the prowl for products and services that help us maintain our home, sanity and manicures. And, I’m often invited to try lots of these items so when the folks at Carpet One saw my stained carpet during a video shoot on pets starring my Beagle Bagels, they suggested I try out a product perfect for households like mine. Clearly this was an offer I couldn’t refuse since, in addition to always searching for the latest and greatest items, I’m also a mom, dog owner and all too often I’ve had to deal with a variety of ‘accidental mishaps’ including my occasional ‘tini spilling! And, on top of that if you’re like me and mine we suffer from allergies which I’ve often feared are fueled by what lies beneath our ‘mishaps’. Well my fellow (or is it feline!) Accidental Housewives, it’s time to rejoice and worry no longer! I have gone to the Carpet One Mountain and found near-vina thanks to their innovative Healthier Living Installation and new Tigressa H2O carpeting.


 Tigressa H2O Resevoir in Azalea Leaf

So what follows are both why I’m a believer and pix from my experience which led to Bagels and I giving the Healthier Living Installation and carpeting The Accidental Housewife Seal of Approval and his four paws up!

One thing I was surprised to learn was that the old carpets are recycled back into carpet cushion and hard plastic that’s used for car dashboards …wow!

Healthwise: The Healthier Living Installation sytem is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. Once my original carpet and padding were removed and hauled immediately out, the floor was thoroughly vacuumed and then sprayed with a non-toxic antimicrobial spray which disinfects, protects and minimizes all the microbes in our mist and stops debris from scattering about in the air. The spray also helps get rid of mold, mildew, bacteria, and other fungus amongst us!

Also, I’d always wondered if that new carpet smell was toxic and there was no odor from the process or new carpeting smell. And, living in Florida where humid conditions prevail there’s greater potential for mold and mildew to thrive. The Healthy Living Installation and Tigressa H20’s ability to resist moisture will have me and my fam ‘sleeping’ without sneezing!

Cleaning and Mani-wise: As I said in the beginning now I can have my ‘tini and spill it too--accidentally of course! I haven’t had that occur yet, but Bagels, my Beagle, tested this out the morning after installation –It was a minor ‘accident’ (runs in the family) that I needn’t elaborate on. The terrific news is with little muss or fuss it cleaned right up leaving no residue nor stain and my manicure intact. LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT! Check out this great demo to see how it works. 

Service-wise: Last, but far from least, I was truly blown away by everyone involved in the process from Nathan my sales person to the installers whom were professional, meticulous and left no dirt or dust behind! The service team also vacuumed all of the loose filaments and then they put my furniture back-the perfect men to have around the house!


Tigressa H2O Admiral Deck in Clover

The final results were perfect! They were accidental housewife, pet, and even child proof.


Spread the glove!!! xoxo

Julie aka The Accidental Housewife


Here are some pictures I took of the process:


Julie collage


Julie[1]Julie Edelman is a well-known multi-media lifestyle personality who shares easy; real life time, money, and energy saving tips that maintain our home, family and manicure. Julie brings a sense of calm, humor and camaraderie to millions like her who live on what she lovingly calls Hysteria Lane.  Julie appears regularly on the Today Show with Kathie Lee ‘n Hoda, Rachael Ray, Better TV and The Doctors.  She is a New York Times best-selling author of The Accidental Housewife:  How to Overcome Housekeeping Hysteria One Task at a Time and The Ultimate Accidental Housewife–Your Guide to a Clean Enough House -a ‘must have’ home-keeping compendium. Julie contributes a weekly blog on RachaelRay.com; is the National Home-keeping Editor for Examiner.com: has a webisode series for Fox News Magazine and  ‘spreads the glove’ on her site, www.juliestips.com .  


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