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What Are Some Carpet Trends?

Today’s carpet trends offer color and style to create the mood of a room. One of the most difficult choices for customers is choosing a carpet color they will like for years. The two popular trends contrast flooring textures or share similar tones throughout the home. Regardless if you are purchasing a new carpet pattern or trying to refresh your current carpet style, we are able to help you find the perfect new carpet for your home based on your style and lifestyle.

With new printing technology, carpet patterns are becoming more intricate. The new design features are personalizing home settings and matching residential lifestyles. Modern loop and cut configurations give the carpet flooring surface a sculptured effect. This effect helps to keep your eyes moving over the carpet and disguises soiling until you are able to vacuum.

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Carpet Color Trends

When choosing a new carpet you should consider how often you are in that space and how often you sue your floor. Neutral colors are still in high demand, primarily due to its ability to blend in with a room's color. Today’s neutrals include the cooler tones of beige and grey. Neutral or earthy colors do a better job at hiding soil compared to light or darker tones in high traffic areas.

Modern Carpet Trends

Technology has changed the appearance of the carpet flooring. In some cases, carpet designs are the focal point in the room, no longer hiding in the background. Carpet weaving machines have introduced affordable methods to create colorful patterns. Carpet inventories are stocked with harmonizing designs to fit traditional, modern and contemporary lifestyles.

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