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Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood

We can help you find the perfect hardwood floors for your home at Bishops Carpet One Floor & Home. Our staff knows hardwood and can help you choose between different options when it comes to style and type. When you shop with us you’ll have several options to choose from including solid and engineered options.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered flooring is available in several dozen wood species types to suit the décor of the homeowner and can take on the look of timeworn patina or a rough hand scraped appearance. These state of the art boards can be ideal for just about any house they are used to enhance whether it's a vintage Tudor building or a modern multi-family condominium. Engineered planks come with a top finish, and they are ready to support foot traffic as soon as they are installed. Care for these boards is very easy and convenient. By simply mopping or using a microfiber cloth and an ordinary wood floor cleaning solution they will be good to go.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood is a time-tested and classic hardwood flooring option. It’s simple construction features a single plank of wood that can come either finished or unfinished. Solid hardwood features unmatched characteristics, and adds value to the space you install it in. Solid hardwood floors are great for low traffic areas such as bedrooms and home offices, even living rooms.

Be sure to keep solid hardwood away from areas with high moisture, as the planks can become damaged if exposed to excess humidity for long periods of time. Installing solid hardwood floors is simple, and you can choose either a nail or staple down installation.

Solid hardwood floors can be refinished up to a certain point, and should not be sanded down past the tongue on the side of the plank. Refinishing your hardwood floor has several benefits such as reducing the appearance of scratches, updating the finish to be more on trend, and extends the life of the floors in your home. Visit our showroom for our full selection of hardwood flooring. 

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