A Carpet Like No Other...
With a 25 Year NO EXCLUSIONS Warranty

The toughest carpet with outstanding stain resistance and timeless style. LEES® featuring Ultra25® is the perfect blend of science and style combining ground-breaking stain protection and ultra-durable construction with a broad array of styles to express your taste. LEES® is the only carpet for the world you live in.

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    Ultra25® 4X Protection

    With Ultra25® protection that runs all the way through the carpet fiber, LEES® repels most liquids including juice, coffee and other spills, FOUR times longer than traditional stain protection.

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    25 Year "No Exclusions"

    LEES® exclusive 25 year “No Exclusions” Ultra25® Stain Warranty covers stains other carpet warranties don’t, including pet stains, stairs, grease, mustard, coffee, cola, and even bleach.

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    ExtraLoc® Backing

    A patented ExtraLoc® backing offers excellent stability and dimensional strength when you need it most. Your carpet will anticipate the worst – so you don’t have to!