A carpet that is easy to maintain. 

INNOVIA Residential Carpet

innovia at bishopsMany homeowners are under the impression that carpets are the perfect scenarios for stains, dust, and lots of accidents. Have you ever thought about how great a stain free carpet would be? Here at Bishops Carpet One we feature a brand that offers this incredible benefit.  Meet INNOVIA; a carpet created with a cutting edge technology and fibers with a lifetime stain resistance. INNOVIA’S ease of maintenance is very convenient for active households with kids and pets.  Its 0% absorption feature prevents liquids and odors from being absorbed into the fiber, making cleanup an easy task. Also, if you are an environmentally conscious consumer, you will be glad to hear that these carpets clean with just plain water. There is no need to use any harsh chemicals. 

What makes INNOVIA unique?

•    Permanently stain free- Stains will never be a problem with their uniquely smooth fibers that have no dye sites.

•    Pet-Friendly – INNOVIA features a pet-friendly technology that prevents accidents from being absorbed into the fiber, providing complete, built-in protection and reducing pet-related odors.

Each fiber is encased in a flexible yet durable shield that completely repels spills and soiling. It is important to have in mind that vacuum cleaners with specific features are required when cleaning INNOVIA carpets. Consult with one of our experts the vacuum model you should use. 


INNOVIA has enhanced warranties that are covered by either Carpet One Floor & Home’s Gold or Platinum Carpet Warranty both of which feature life of floor stain and soil protection. The warranties now include stairs and hallways. 

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