Trendy Colors for Your Kitchen

Want to give your kitchen a change? Changing the color is an easy fix that will transform the space without investing a lot of money. 

trendy colors for your kitchen

One of the best ways to remake a kitchen is to paint the cabinets.  Often, homeowners think that the only thing they can do is replace their cabinets, but that costs thousands of dollars.  By painting your cabinets, you can make them look new, and make your kitchen look transformed.  The question for many homeowners is how to choose a paint color for your kitchen? 

1.     Bright colors in kitchens are back in style.  It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is large or small, bright blue or bright red can draw attention to your space and make it feel inviting—warning, guests may choose to linger at the table after the meal. 

2.    White is still a top choice, but you can go light without needing to go white.  Older kitchens can look good by having a subtle green or blue tint.  The kitchen will still have the classic feel of white, but the actual color will have just the slightest shade of a different color of your choice.  Contrast the light green or blue with a white accent wall, baseboards, and or windows, and you will have a classic beauty. 

3.    Once again, with an accent wall or a window in the kitchen, you might consider a darker color.  You could paint cabinets a dark brown or a dark gray and create a space that says subtle elegance.  With the contrast of the white, the kitchen won’t be too dark, but it will showcase your taste. 

4.    Scandinavians seem to love a medium gray paired with a medium to light blue—and maybe you will too.  There is no doubt that these two colors go together in a subtle way, offering a beautiful contrast.  Then, you can keep the theme in the kitchen with other moderate colors such as natural wood, or you can make countertops a brighter color to make the kitchen pop. 

5.    Big kitchens might consider painting the cabinets white, or a bright shade of off-white, then have an island, accent wall, and kitchen table with gray, green, or a similar darker hue.  The contrast will make the white stand out, but it will also have a homey feel with the contrast. 

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the home.  Choose colors that create the feeling you want your family and friends to enjoy, and don’t be afraid to paint your cabinets to create that welcoming mood.