Window Treatments

Take note on the latest trends for window treatments. 

Window Treatments

Things age, and times change. It can be a fun project to explore some new treatments for windows that perhaps have seen finer days: 

Using organic materials is in style right now - Check out natural woven bamboo shades. Beautiful but also environmentally friendly.

Go color crazy - Hot color combos now are gold, orange, and persimmon, and soft green, teal, and aquamarine.

Use luxury fabrics - Try suede, fur, leather, silks, damasks, or velvets. Embellish lavishly with ornate tassels or loads of crystals. Or use high thread count layering to add an expensive looking touch . 

Try ribbon detailing on your drapes and blinds - Use grosgrain, a rayon or silk ribbed fabric, or even velvet banding.

Panel track systems - These are panels made of woven wood panels or fabric room dividers.

Prints are back! - The bolder the better. Try graphic geometric patterns, stunning bright florals or stripes.

Silk panels - Yes, it's more expensive, but the shine of real silk adds pizazz to a dull room. There are plaid silks, embroidered silks, and more.

Environmental green design - Do you have allergies? Use fabrics that have anti-fungal or anti-microbial material woven into the yarn. Or perhaps you'd like some mold and mildew resistant fabric or a fabric that is stain-resistant. Finally, why not choose a fabric that is made with non-toxic dyes? 

Neutral colors - Do you love to decorate with neutral tones? Try some beautifully understated floor-to-ceiling draperies.

Do you want your dining room to feel like it's in a palace? - Use heavy brocade drapery, tied back with silk ties.

Use a bold contrast - Try black and white, or red and white strips to modernize your room.

Hide your curtain hardware behind an understated valance.

Throw out the curtains, and replace them with colorful Roman shades.

Don't be afraid of frill - Frilly is making a comeback. Use them in your bedroom, accompanied by puff-top draperies.

Pleats are sweet - Try soft pleated drapery hung along the wall.

Try a combination of blinds and curtain panels to add some warmth and privacy to a room.