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Area Rugs in Ithaca

Area Rugs in Ithaca


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How to select an area rug?


The area rug should be one of the first things you consider when decorating a room.  It will not only determine where you want to place your furniture, it will also influence the style of your pillows, curtains, and other textiles.  Here are 5 important things to consider when selecting your new area rug:


Large area rugs should cover the most heavily used space of a room, but not fill the whole room.  Living rooms should have all furniture on the rug, even if it’s just half of the legs.  Bedroom rugs should extend about a foot from the sides of the bed.  In a dining area someone should have enough room to move a chair back and not move off the rug.  In every room the edges of a rug should be at least a foot from the walls.


The shape of an area rug should complement either the room or style of furniture.  A square rug is great for square rooms, while a rectangular rug will work better in longer rooms.  Round rugs will be great fits under round tables or next to curved couches. 


Area rugs should offset the color and design of a room.  A rug with a single color or neutral tones will better ground a room with a lot of patterns and colors, but will be too boring in rooms that use a single color or more subtle shades.  Choose bold patterns to add more character and style to “simpler” rooms.  If a large portion of the area rug will be covered, consider something with abstract or repeating patterns rather than one focal point.


The texture of your area rug should also offset your other furniture.  Shag rugs will be too busy if they’re competing with other soft fabrics, so choose flat rugs instead.  Fluffier rugs work really well when paired with sleek, leather furniture.  Remember that shag rugs have more “body” and will make rooms seem smaller, so use them in larger rooms rather than smaller ones.


Expecting company, pets, or children?  Then prioritize simple area rugs that are easier to clean.  Large area rugs have more to clean and solid color rugs are more likely to show stains.  Shag rugs are the hardest to keep clean and can be a tripping hazard for children or the elderly.