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Pet-Friendly Flooring

Pet-Friendly Flooring Options


Most pet-owners can agree that we treat our four-legged family members like children. That is why we offer premium pet-friendly flooring options for our fellow pet-owners! Pet-friendly flooring is designed with pets and their owners in mind, and takes the stress out of cleaning up after our beloved pets. As pet owners, the flooring experts at Bishops Carpet One Floor & Home can relate to you and help you find the best floor for your home.

The best pet-friendly floors meet the following criteria: resistance to moisture, stains, wear, scratching, and easy to clean. Our pet-friendly flooring selection features many different styles and materials. You can have style and functionality all in one floor. You will find pet-friendly luxury vinyl, tile, and even carpet in our showroom. Pet-friendly floors help to reduce the time you spend cleaning up after your pets, so you can spend more time playing and hanging out with them. Both you and your pets can live happily on the same floors together.

Our pet-friendly flooring selection also includes waterproof options. Many waterproof floors are made specifically with pets in mind to help make you and your pet comfortable. In terms of durability, luxury vinyl is one of the most popular pet-friendly floors. Even our carpet options are waterproof and pet-friendly!

Tips for Looking for Pet-friendly Flooring


First, determine what type of accidents you might have. Then, think about what kinds of dents or scratches are possible. Next, decide on the area of flooring you want to replace. Once you’ve determined these factors, find styles you enjoy by thinking about your design goals. You can then narrow down your options and check out flooring samples in a Carpet One showroom or do some online research. Lastly, head to your local Carpet One and work with a sales pro to move forward with your flooring purchase.



Flooring for Other Types of Pets

Is your pet a bit different from a dog or a cat? Maybe your pet spends some time in a cage and some time roaming your home, or maybe your particular pet prefers the outdoors and enjoys running back inside to create chaos in your clean space. Mud, pet food, and dirty toys can destroy the most loved parts of your home, and specifically, your flooring. No matter the disaster, your floors are a crucial part of your home, so invest in floors that are scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and easy to maintain.





Best Flooring for Rabbits


Rabbits can bring their bedding and other things with them when they leave their cage. Whether you have newspaper, shredded cardboard, or wood pellets for bedding, they’re sure to end up all over the place once you let your rabbit out. Make sure to look for floors that are easy to wipe or sweep, like hard-surface options. 


Best Flooring for Pigs


Mini pigs are cute, smart, and love to get dirty, so finding the right flooring for their perfect little hooves is essential. Not only are mini pigs great at making a mess, but they also have hooves that are meant for the outdoors. Pig hooves walking around your flooring can cause dents and scratches if you don’t have flooring that is made to protect itself. It’s best to consider options that are made with pets in mind, like sturdy luxury vinyl or porcelain tile.




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