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Tile at Bishops Carpet One Floor & Home

Porcelain Tile Benefits

When choosing a new tile floor, you have a lot of options to select from and porcelain tile is one of them. We’ll go over the reasons to choose porcelain tile, and you can decide if porcelain is the right tile for your home. Porcelain is made from a mix of fine clays and minerals that get fired at exceptionally high temperatures. This makes it much denser and harder than ceramic tile. Porcelain can resist staining, moisture, and wear. Here are some reasons why you should choose porcelain tile:



Porcelain’s color and texture runs through the tile which can help hide chips. These tiles have no glaze that can wear off, and can be installed on floors, walls, and even countertops.


Easy to Clean

Cleaning Porcelain tiles is as easy as wiping off water, sweeping, or vacuuming weekly. Avoid using steel wool or abrasive pads that can scratch the tiles.



Porcelain tiles come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and styles. You can choose different sized and shapes tiles to create a design on your floor, or choose from different colors to create a pattern. Design possibilities are limitless with porcelain tile.

Porcelain tile is somewhat difficult to install, so leave it up to our professional installers to get the job done for you. Make sure you visit our Bishops Carpet One showroom in Ithaca, NY to speak with our flooring professionals today.